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Professional Photographer / Videographer

Member of The Royal Photographic Society RPS,London

Manoj Nawoor is a distinguish and well known photographer who has a long and fruitful career as photojournalist with 30 years of experience in all major newspapers in Mauritius. His passion for photography and his flair for news have gifted him with lots of scoops and breaking news. Dedication and hardworking have always been his motto to be a good photojournalist. In newsrooms, he is still recognized as a prolific and sharp photographer and has successfully been appointed as, Chief Photographer of L`Express, Tribune and Le Matinal. As a press photographer, he has a good track record for some major political events.


In 2006 - Launching of UK.Photo.MV Ltd and is now a fulltime freelance photographer and videographer currently working for magazines and newsletters, as well as for communication agencies and high profile corporate companies, till date with the following:

Air Mauritius -ACCA- AMM ( Made in Moris ) - Bank of Mauritius - Barclays Bank -Business Mauritius - Courts Mammouth - European Union - Emirates - FSC - IMF - Institutional Expert Servics - KPMG - MCCI - MIPA - MGI - MHC - MC Vision - OCORIAN - National Computer Board - NPCC - WMA - South African High Commission - SBM Bank - SWAN - SummerTimes - Whitefield Business School



Air Mauritius - Business Mauritius - Institutional Expert Services - MGI - National Computer Board - NPCC - MHC - SBM Bank...


-Photographer for ISLANDER Air Mauritius Flight Magazine 2012-2018

-Photographer for PEOPLE Magazine 2015-2018

Accredited Photographer

Adlib Ltée - OdysseusPR - Pamplemousse Production


Photography- AAPIM 1987-1989

Mauritius Journalist-1986-1987

Journalism- L'Alliance Francaise 1987-1988

Advance Photography at DCDM-2003

Photos Contest

-Nature Photography winner 1987

-World Health Organization 1998

-Winner Marcel Lagesse Award 2009


Photographer`s note:

" A good observation of your subject and a good technical approach with a creative angle, can make the difference"

"Taking pictures is so easy nowadays, but ONLY good technics make the diffrence"

"There is no good camera, there is only good photographer"

Contact Us:

UK.Photo.MV Ltd
Office: Level 1-La Tour Koenig
Commercial Complex

Mobile: 5-755 46-59 / 5-250 21-37

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Photos website: www.manojphotos.com

Video Link on: vimeo.com/manojvideo

Portfolio Highlight

2006 : Official Photographer for ZEE CINE AWARD, Mauritius

2007 : Official Photographer for Gold ZEE TV AWARD, Mauritius

2008 : Official Photographer for Himesh Reshamya  Concert

2009 : Winner Marcel Lagesse Photo Competition by Rotary Club of Port Louis

2011 : Official Photographer for Robin Sharma

2012 : Official Photographer for Prof.Philip Kotler

2016 : Offical Photographer of World Bank Conference on Climate Change


Photographer / Reporter

1987-1988 : Le Mauricein 1998-1999 : News on Sunday

1989-1990 : Le Socialiste 1999-2000 : Tribune

1991-1995 : The Sun 2001-2004 : L'Express

1995-1996 : Le Mag 2004-2006 : Le Matinal

1996-1998 : L'Express 2010-2015 : Capital

Wedding Photography

As a wedding photojournalist, I try to capture the emotions of your special day. My joy of life, love of fun and natural way of working will put you and your guests completely at ease, so that everyone will enjoy being photographed. I capture the brides of their most natural look with candid shots, and I try to communicate a wide range of emotions and attitudes to produce a photograph that has eye catching appeal.  Having a unique style and a sense of creativity, the snaps are full of  photojournalistic and artistic flair, giving you a spectacular collection of pictures to remember your wedding day. Remember that, ' wedding pictures are lifetime, so be ready to give the best of your expression'. Also,bear in mind that," Photo is memorable today...priceless tomorrow !"

STUDIO PhotoShop

- Photo Passport, Photocopies , binding , laminating.
- Digital Print by BlueTooth, Mobile, Memory card.
- Studio Portrait 
- Photo Retouching
- Video Film Transfer from VHS to DVD
- Photo Enlargement & Framing

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